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The Indian government conferred on His late Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taimour, the 2019 Gandhi Peace Prize, in recognition of his outstanding contributions for social, economic and political transformation through non-violent and other Gandhian methods. The Gandhi Peace Prize is an annual award instituted by the Government of India since 1995, marking the 125th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

New in our product range

Emura, design that speaks for itself

Design that speaks for itself

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Think Smart, Think Green, Think Daikin Inverter!

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New Mini VRV Series Made For Apartments And Small Premises.

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Multi-Split Connects up to 5 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit.

Less is more.

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R-32 - The next generation refrigerant. Zero ODP and lower GWP than R-22 and R-410A

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Daikin, world’s first company introducing a new generation of air cooled scroll chiller series with refrigerant R-32.

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Equipped with Advanced Technology, that results in high energy efficiency.

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D-AHU Hygienic Version of Air Handling Units are the synthesis of more than 50 Years of Daikin European AHU Manufacturing experience. 

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