Daikin Online Controllers

Daikin Online Controllers

Always in control. Control your climate from any place, at any time.

Simply connect your unit to Wi-Fi and download the app to change the thermostat, set temperature schedules, review your energy consumption and develop your own “if this, then that” workflow. Compatible with our air conditioning and heating solutions, the Daikin Online Controller and Daikin Online Heating Controller are ideal for year-round climate control.

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Your home

Control your climate

This screen provides you with an overview of your building and access to several features to control your indoor climate. You can also control up to 50 units at once for air conditioning systems. 

Individual rooms

Using the interactive thermostat, you can control the temperature, operation mode and schedule actions for individual rooms. 

Individual rooms
Time scheduling

Time scheduling

Create different schedules with up to 6 actions a day for 7 days and activate specific operation modes. Time scheduling for hot water (DHW) is only available for the Daikin heating app. 

Energy usage

Monitor your unit’s* energy consumption to increase your energy savings. User-friendly graphs and icons help you determine where you can save. Visit this page to explore which indoor units are compatible with this feature. 


*This feature is only available for some indoor units

If this, then that

If this, then that

Programme your unit to reflect your lifestyle. Compatible with different appliances via the iFTTT platform, you can control your indoor climate from a distance. For example: IF you leave your building, THEN the heating will turn off.

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